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Custom high quality cast aluminum components such as decorative bases, finials, number plaques and scrolls can be put together to create and custom mailbox or sign. These parts can be powder coated for a long-lasting finish in nearly any color.

Street Signs

6 x 36 Street Name Blade 6" x 36" Street Name Blade
12 x 6 Sign Frame 12" x 6" Sign Frame
18 x 24 Sign Frame 18" x 24" Sign Frame
30 inch Stop Sign Frame 30" Stop Sign Frame


Euro Base Euro
Grande Base Grande
Hanover Base Hanover
Savannah Base Savannah


Acorn Finial Acorn
Ball Finial Ball
Big Top Finial Big Top
Flame Finial Flame
Pineapple Finial Pineapple
Savannah Finial Savannah

Number Plaques

Anchor Number Plaque Anchor
Foliage Number Plaque Foliage
Inverse Round Number Plaque Inverse Round
Oval Number Plaque Oval
Oval with Arm Number Plaque Oval with Arm
Palm Trees Number Plaque Palm Trees
Rectangle Number Plaque Rectangle


Buckingham Scroll Buckingham
Hatteras Scroll Hatteras
Leaf Scroll Leaf
Sorrento Scroll Sorrento
Tuscany Scroll Tuscany