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Choose a mailbox from our product selection or email/text us a picture of what you like. If you have a replacement mailbox already…that’s fine too, we'll install it.

The standard mailbox installation cost is $75.00 per mailbox and includes all labor and installation materials (not including cost of mailbox and post). Standard mailbox installation is usually completed within 24-48 hours after order confirmation.

The installation process is conducted by our trained installers and does not require your presence. Installation takes approximately one hour per box. This includes removal of your old mailbox, pouring of a new concrete base, setting the mailbox and number application (optional). Our mailbox installation will meet the requirements set forth by the United States Postal Service in terms of height, setting, distance from the road and labeling. We will also ensure everything is cleaned up afterward. Your old mailbox and post will be removed at no charge.

Installations for communities with an HOA and condo/apartment neighborhoods are determined based upon the size of the job. For those living in a community with an HOA or condo/apartment neighborhood, please remember to contact them first before changing the existing style since some communities with an HOA have restrictions on changing the appearance.